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Now’s your chance to get certified in one of the SIMPLEST, yet EXTREMELY effective, self-defense arts - CHIN NA!

Excellent for school owners of ALL styles, martial art enthusiasts, police trainers, security personnel, and protection specialists. (Click here for certified instructors)

Learn three unique versions of Chin Na from these internationally known Martial artists.

GM Samuel Scott  |  GM Wallace Powell  |  GM Clarence Burris

GM Samuel Scott

GM Wallace Powell

GM Clarence Burris

Together, they bring over 120 years of combined martial arts experience!

GM Clarence Burris 

GM Clarence Burris, has over 47 years of martial arts experience. A practicing Immigration Attorney, GM Burris owned a highly-successful, martial arts school for 30 years and produced a number of world champions.

He was recently promoted by Grandmaster Willie Lin to Disciple of the Tian Shan Pai System.

GM is a leading authority in Chin Na and has appeared in several of Grandmaster Willie Lin’s videos.
He is also an Executive Protection Specialist/Trainer and has provided protection for a number of VIPs including Prime Minister of Trinidad, Kamla Persaad-Bissessar, Director of Security for the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics Team. 

GM Burris was a part of GM Scott’s company, Elite Training Group, where he was the lead trainer for the Abu Dhabi Police Dept.

The skill-set that he brings to the table has been tested many times in real life situations.

His attention to detail and his vast knowledge of the key components/principles of Chin Na will make you a true authority of this amazing art.

GM Wallace Powell

GM Wallace Powell, an 8th degree black belt and also a student of Grand Master Willie Lin, has studied martial arts for over 43 years. He is the co-founder of Full Circle Martial Arts Academy, and has produced nearly 150 black belts.

A nationally ranked Triple Crown Champion, GM Powell has spent decades dissecting the art of Chin Na and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

He specializes in teaching students how to connect the dots as it relates to Chin Na. His lock flow drills will have you looking like a seasoned Chin Na expert in no time.

GM Samuel Scott 

GM Samuel Scott, 8th degree black belt, is also from the GM Lin’s lineage under Grandmaster Dennis Brown.

He is the founder of Full Circle Martial Arts Academy and Combat Kuntao International. He is also the co-founder of Chin Na International.

He has studied martial arts consistently for 43 years. His primary focus has been real world self defense and has taught thousands of men, women and teens how to effectively protect themselves in record time.
For 25 years, he has taught police and military personnel - here and abroad - his popular Compliance & Control Tactics and Last Resort Tactics.

GM Scott brings what he calls “combat” Chin Na to the table. He will show you how to effectively deal with a striker using the straightforward principles of Avoid, Capture, and Lock.
The three of them have come together to teach you EVERYTHING they know about this awesome art of Chin Na.
Note: This is not your typical training where you learn a bunch of techniques with no understanding of the principles. 
They are going to TEACH you HOW to fish!
When you complete this training, you will know:
  • Principles of Chin Na
  • Basic anatomy
  • 5 components of Chin Na
  • ​Over 30 Chin Na techniques
  • ​Training drills to enhance your skill level
And much more!

This training is open to ALL styles, law enforcement trainers, protection specialist, personal safety instructors, and other professional that have a need to learn and teach others HOW to EFFECTIVELY protect themselves.

Study Group Program
For those of you that do not own a school, we will be launching our “Study Group” program. Here, select members will lead training groups in their city and train directly with us. 

All participants will be required to pay a monthly fee to train with you.

So essentially, you’ll be earning while you’re learning.

If you are interested in this program, be sure to apply asap.

Look what other martial artists have to say about these three amazing Instructors:
GM Clarence Burris
I have trained in Chin Na and Tai Chi with Sifu Burris and have known him for 15 years. He is able to teach the important concepts of Chin Na self-defense to students of all levels of experience. I have benefited greatly from his experience and lessons in Chin Na. I look forward to the next opportunity to train with Sifu Burris.
- Dr. Z
 I have been a Taiji and Wushu student of Grandmaster Burris since 1998, but I also took Jiu Jitsu and Aikido with Japanese masters. I found Grandmaster Burris to be the most knowledgeable, inspiring, and enthusiastic Qin Na instructor whom I ever met, Being well-rounded in various aspects of martial arts, including kickboxing and fighting with knives and sticks, he teaches Qin Na in a holistic way to prepare his students for all situations in the street.
- Dean Nguyen
I have known Master Sifu Clarence Burris as a business associate as well as a brother Martial Artist for over fifteen years. As a retired Law Enforcement 0fficer (MTA / NYC) Business owner and Martial Artist with over 50 years in Goju ryu, USA Goju and Kenpo Karate (6Th Dan / USA Goju) and Student of Master Burris (Chin Na & Tai Chi). I can speak firsthand about his skill and dedication to the arts.
Chin Na is a must for anyone in Law Enforcement or the Security Field! It utilized Non-Deadly Force, Using the aggressors force against him and giving you complete control.

Master Burris has developed special programs that come in the form of a Self Defense Class or Training Seminars and is a highly skilled teacher.
- John Gallagher (Executive Vice President of At-Risk)
GM Samuel Scott
As a Protection Specialist, I need something that I can learn quickly in case the need arises. Last Resort Tactics is easy to learn and extremely effective. I highly recommend this program to anyone in the security world that is serious about personal and client safety.
This simple to learn self-defense system is ideal for Law Enforcement. Master Scott has spent over two decades teaching the LE community his straightforward technology to help us make it home at night. I HIGHLY recommend this program to ALL Law Enforcement Officers.
This course has given me the tools and confidence to properly defend myself

I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first about training, but wow!
The techniques Master Scott taught me were extremely simple and devastatingly effective. His ability to simplify the learning process is incredible!

If you’re like me, a busy businessman who’s looking for a little-added security for yourself and family, I highly recommend you take this course.
GM Wallace Powell
GM Powell's prowess made makes it seem easy to implement these techniques. He has incredible knowledge of the system and the ability to teach you how to integrate the techniques within your particular skillset with confidence and effectiveness. I would definitely encourage any level martial artist to delve into this aspect of the arts without reservation.

Continued success Sir!
- Bernard Wood
I have trained with GM Powell for over 6 years. His skill set is incredible as well as his ability to bring each technique down so anyone can learn.

I highly recommend this training program to anyone that's looking to take their self defense knowledge to a whole new level.
- Reggie Clay
GM Powell is OUTSTANDING in the art of Chin Na. His Chin Na techniques are quick with immediate results.
- Master Darryl Player
Certification process
All participants will participate in two (2) live trainings with all three instructors.

There will be a lecture series and hands-on training.

At the conclusion, members will have one year, 24-hour access for one year to ALL material to complete their certification.

Members will have one year to complete all requirements for certification. You are encouraged to work at your own pace. Those that are ready to test will come before all three instructors and demonstrate the following:
  • Knowledge of Chin Na principles and concepts
  • Understanding of basic anatomy
  • Demonstration of all 30 techniques
Members must pass with a score of 80 or higher for Instructor Certification.  (Note: Test fee is $99 which includes one (1) free test retake.)

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate and will be recognized on our website as a Certified Instructor.

If you are a school owner, you will be amazed at how your students will love this new addition to their curriculum. You can even set-up a separate class for this program.

Chin Na is ideal for law enforcement/security personnel, teachers, and health care professionals. Its primary focus is to CONTROL an unruly or aggressive person.
So, here’s what you’ll get when you invest in this program:
  • 2 days training with all three instructors
  • ​1 free tee-shirt
  • Chin Na International patch
  • FREE 4 months access to our online training program
Bonus: 1 Free evaluations for the first 25 sign ups!
What’s the investment?

The cost is $495.
Special Payment options are available.     

Option 1:
pay full price $495

Option 2:
2 payments of $275 each

Option 3:
3 payments of $199 each

This is your defining moment.
Don’t wait, click the join now button, and get ready to engage in one of the most rewarding training opportunities we’ve ever offered.

Be the FIRST to be nationally recognized as a certified instructor under Chin Na International.
These three awesome classmates are leaving their legacy with you in hopes that you will pass it on for generations to come.

We look forward to having you join us!
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